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Ashley H. of KY

"Your story has touched my heart! I hope you can get to wherever you may want to go and may god bless you with everything! take care!"


Barbie A. of KY

"I just want to say that Deja is in my thoughts and prayers as is your family. She is such a beautiful little girl and her pictures are wonderful. Please give her a hug from Barbie, even though she don't know who I am. Again many prayers heading up for her, Many ((((HUGS))))) heading your way."


Laura T. of AK

"Dearest Deja, you are in our hearts and prayers along with your Mommy & Olivia and all who are taking care of you while you work hard with the doctors. God's blessings and love be on you."


Laura F. of MO

"My name is Laura and I am a Marine mom and friend of April's. April told all of us what a brave and beautiful little girl Deja is! After looking at her picture, that was SO true!!! Please know that I believe in the power of positive thinking and of prayer. You are being prayed for that you have many, many days of happiness and sunshine ahead of you."


Beth N. of AZ

"God bless you and your beautiful daughter."


Marty F. of WA

"Beautiful Deja, I love your name and you are such a beautiful princess! There are a lot of people asking God to take good care of you and your mommy. Hugs to you and give your mommy a big hug too!"


Joan C. of NY

"Dearest Deja, There are no words to express the sadness that I feel, but I know in my heart that the Lord is with you and will send His angels to surround you with His Grace and Love. May God bless you and those that love you."


Debbie A. of PA

"Gods Many Blessings!!"


Kerry T. of AL

"I will pray for your family- to give you strength.. I am sorry that you have to go thru this pain. God Bless, your friend, Kerry"


April A. of AZ

"Deja you are such a pretty and strong little girl. Your mommy, nana, and papa will take good care of you. Hang in there baby girl, we love you. "Auntie" April"


Deanna H. of CA

"Your a beautiful Angel sent here from God. I am praying for you."


Tia B. of AL

"I just wanted to say my family will be praying for you. I just had a daughter and I can't even imagine. Love her as much as you can. You are bless to know the time frame and what you will like to do for her up until then. Kiss her for me. I wish you all love, peace, and understand. God Bless your family!"


Pamela D. of CA

"Deja, what a beautiful little angel you are! My thought and prayers are with you and your family. I know your Aunt April through a group that I belong to. She is a wonderful lady. Take care, sweetie, and know that you are in the prayers of many, many people."


Desiree T. of AZ

"My heart goes out to you. We will be doing several functions & events to raise money for your family. I will be hosting A Sothern Living party @ my home Oct. 20th- all profit i make will go to Deja. I'm also planning a fundraiser dinner, all proceeds will benefit Deja. I love you, i will stay in touch. Many blessings & love. -Desiree"


Elizabeth B. of AZ

"Wow! you are a beautiful little princess. I know your mommies friend Alayna she recently told me a lot about you. I wanted you to know that you'll always have a place in my heart. And your mommie is such a lucky mommie to have a special girl like you. All of you will be in my prayers. GOD BLESS!"


Sue L. of AL

"Dear Deja and your mom, I am so sorry to hear about your little Angel, Deja. I will pray for a miracle that God and the Angels can rid Deja of this terrible tumor and she will live to see her new little brother or sister and live with new hope of years and year of happiness with her family. Love, Sue"


Marion J. of MI

"Hello Deja, My name is Ms. Marion and I am your Auntie Brandy's stepsister (Q's papa, is my daddy and his grandma is my stepmommy). I read your story and I think you are a beautiful little princess. All of your pictures are beautiful. It must have been a fun day for you and your family to have all of those beautiful pictures taken. I know being sick is no fun and I know the sickness you have is no fun. I am going to send some money to help so you can buy some more happy meals!! :-) Meanwhile, I will pray to our heavenly father to help you to get better. If pictures could say a thousand words yours certainly say you are a beautiful child of God and more. I hope you will get to go do the special things you want to do with your family and I will spread the word about your wonderful website so other's can help you too! May God bless you and give you and your family peace. Love, Ms. Marion ( Your Godmother's stepsister)"


Cary G. of KY

"I heard about Deja from my friend, Desiree in Mesa. My thoughts and prayers are with Deja and her family. I am certain God is with you and has surrounded you with His love and support."


Yahya C. of PA

"A friend of the family passed the word my way regarding this beautiful one and her struggle. I've asked the Creator for many everlasting prayers of strength and love for this precious little girl and the entire family. May the Almighty guide you and watch over you all during this difficult time."


Stephanie F. of NJ

"We are friends of April and we just wanted to send our love and prayers to you and your special little girl. I wrote a poem for her................. !!!!!!!DEJA!!!!!! You don't know us and we will probably never meet But we have a mutual friend and one day we'll sit at His feet. You haven't been in this world for very long. Yet you have dealt with more than many. You are very strong. You will never ever be alone because there are so many people who care. Mommy and your sister and so many more that are there. But there's someone bigger that will always hold your hand. Maybe at your age you might not understand. He owns the cattle and a thousand hills. He's King and Kings, He's the one who says, "BE STILL." He knows everything about you and has a very special plan. We may not see it yet, through the eyes of man. But know that everything you must endure is for a reason. He promises to care for you and never leave, not even for a season. We love you Deja with a God sent love. Without even knowing you, it must have been sent from up above. When you get scared or when there is some pain. Just hold onto your mommy and remember His name. Jesus is there with an outstretched hand. Saying, "Deja, I'm here and your pain, I understand." GOD BLESS YOU DEJA and we will all be praying. For a miracle from the ONE who's love is never swaying. Love: The Fortuna Family"


Tom C. of IN

"Hey guys, this is Tommy, Am sorry to hear about Deja. You guys are in my prayers. Feel free to email me whenever you want to, its important that family stick together in times like this. love you, Tom"


Dodge & Angel S. of KY

"So sorry this has happened to you. We will both be praying for you and your family."


Harold A. of OH

"Hi Deja. Hope you feel better soon."


DJ S. of AZ

"Pretty little Deja. You are going through some tough struggles now and I want you to know that I am praying for you and lots of people are praying for you. God is watching over you and your family. God will make you strong each and every day to help you feel better. Your family and friends love you. Keep your pretty smile on your pretty little face."


Sarah C. of AZ

"Deja - you are a beautiful little princess! Our family is praying for you every day and we know that God loves you. You keep smiling your beautiful smile and keeping your chin up. We love you!"


Alayna & Mykah E. of AZ

"Deja, I have been meaning to write you a message to tell you how much you're are loved. You're mommy and family love you so much. You're a beautiful, wonderful little girl and very strong. I know that you will have everything you ever dreamed of. Love Always, Alayna and Mykah"


Peterson's of NY

"I'm sure many people have suggested this, but I hope you will contact the Dreams Come True foundation or the Make A Wish Foundation, as they could do SO MUCH to make Deja's dreams come true. She is in our prayers!"


Susan H. of AZ

"Deja - you beautiful Angel. I am praying that the other Angels see you and heal your pain. You are in my thoughts and Prayers beautiful girl. Hugs, from a mom here in Phoenix, Arizona"


Philip S. of NJ

"What an amazingly beautiful child and someone that is, obviously, very loved and very special. My prayers will go up on her behalf-God has the final word in all of this. I wish for His blessings in abundance for your family."


Ann S. of NJ

"I wish you a very happy and enjoyable life. On earth we have a temporary life, but in heaven life goes on forever. Good luck and peace and happiness"



"You need to give this tumor to God. Place it in his hands with lots of faith. God is a god of Love, Mercy and Miracles. Only He with your amazing faith can tear that cancer right out of your little girl. I will keep you in my prayers!


Mayra C. of NJ

"My thought s and prayers are with you Mom & Deja. There is nothing impossible for God. If you believe in God's healing power, the bible says according to your faith it shall be done. God Bless you. Love Mayra"


Jose B. of Europe

"Hi Deja & Mom. My friend Richard Heywood, AZ, sent my your story by e-mail. I hope you will get better and my prayers are with you. We´ll keep in touch. Best wishes from Europe."


Alisha H. of OH

"Wow can I say your story has really touched me. I didn't have any clue at all. She is one amazing girl and very pretty. I love those photos. Prayers sent to you from my family, and many hugs because you will need them!"


Jennifer D. of CA

"You are such a beautiful little girl. I hope that you get to go to Sea World again, and maybe even swim with the dolphins, meet the princesses and Mickey Mouse as well. Good Luck little one. My thoughts are with you and your family. ::hugs::"


Jeannette G. of NJ

"Reading about Deja brought tears to my eyes. I have to wonder why do children have to go through something as terrible as cancer it just does not make sense. I will keep you in my prayers every night and always. May God bring you blessings and perform a miracle on you. Faith is all we needs."


Kelsey of CA

"I want you to know that little Deja will be in my prayers. I could never imagine having to deal with this. You are a very strong mother and grandmother."



"The Lord is in control! Please always keep the faith! He knows what is best for us all. I will always keep your family in prayers."


April A. of AZ

"Deja, I miss you my little princess. For a little girl going through so much you are still the sweetest child ever. You are truly a blessing. Thanks for hanging in there at the Pumpkin Festival, watching your face light up on the hayride was wonderful! Love you sweetie. See you very soon. Give Mommy a big hug for me."


Jyl A. of ND

"Deja I am honored to have met you! You are making a difference by touching peoples lives. Be strong and enjoy life as much as you can- it's a gift that is so often taken for granted!"


Charlotte F. of AZ

"Angela and Family, you inspire me in more ways than I can express. Deja, we feel lucky to have met you today! You are a true princess!"


Jamie of NC

"My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family."


Pattie B. of CA

"Hi There Deja...I know your friend April, she is like my very own daughter, and well she told me i should get on here and say HELLO to are so adorable, i love the new pictures. I hope you enjoyed taking them, i love dressing up and having fun with taking pictures. If you get the time maybe you could email me or call me to say hi, and next time you get to Southern California let me know so i can maybe see you... Praying for you always, love, Pattie"


Phx Children's Hospital.. Floor 5 Staff!

"We received your card and you are beautiful! We think of you and Mommy often. You are in our prayers. Love, Nurses, PCT's and all of 5A staff."


KP of IL

"My thoughts and are prayers with your family."


Megan M. of AZ

"Angela, Deja, Olivia, Grandma, and Grandpa--This website is amazing. I am so proud to be a part of this, and can't wait to get your wish started. It was great to meet you last week. I am supposed to be studying right now, but I have been looking at this website, reading it all, and looking at all the pictures!!!Deja is a very beautiful girl, and you all are very strong and wonderful people. Please let me know if there is anything else we can do to help out! love, Megan (part of your Make a Wish team)"


Lora H. of AZ

"Deja, You are and your sister are very beautiful princesses, I hope I get to know you for a very long time, All my Love, Lora at Frys"


Lori Z. of IN

"Hi Deja =) we haven’t had a chance to meet yet, BUT WE WILL I'm SURE OF IT! I'm you'r Mommys cousin, So I guess that makes you My Cousin TOO! I have your picture & I'm very proud showing all my friends what a Beautiful Princess you are! Daja sweety are in my thoughts & my heart all the time! ALWAYS remember you are a Beautiful Princess. "


Debbie C. of AZ

"Hello Deja, I found out about your illness from Teambuilders and went to visit your website. You are a beautiful, brave, little girl with a beautiful sister. I know that Heavenly Father loves you and is watching over you and you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. I pray for a miracle for you. Best Wishes to you and your family."


Julie K. of IN

"I am sending all my love and prayers to you! you are always in my thoughts and i continually ask GOD for this miracle. love to you all!!! aunt julie"


Jan P. of AZ

"Healing is a promise from God and we are praying for you every day. God Bless"


Tammy S. of AZ

"Thank you so much for the beautiful sleigh that you painted for me! I have it sitting on top of my desk here at work and will forever keep it displayed. Big love hugs!"


April A. of AZ

"Merry Christmas babygirl. I hope it is magical for you. I love you all."


Nichole B. of WA

"Merry Christmas babygirl. I hope it is magical for you. I love you all." 12/27/06 Nichole B. of WA "Hi My name is Nichole I just wanted to say I saw this site on a chat room i am in for military wives, and thought id take a look and OMG !I saw your lil girl and thought I was looking at my daughter. seriously they could be sisters and she is 3 as well . I am so sorry for what you are going through you and your family will be in my prayers If there is anything that I can do please let me know I live in Washington so I cant babysit but I can listen and talk if you need a shoulder I was a single mommy as well so I know how tough it is for you .I cannot say I know how you feel because I do not know all I can offer is a ear to listen please e mail me if you need and I can give you my # if you’d would like Love Nichole ps I hope you all had a merry Christmas."


Becky H. of AZ

"My prayers are with you and your beautiful family. I have a daughter with a heart condition and understand how much the time spent together is what matters most of all. I also was a single mom for a long time and can empathize with some of what you are going through. If ever you need someone to talk to or have any other type of need, please feel compelled to call upon me. I will do whatever it takes to make things simpler for you. Bless you and all of your daughters! May God give you the hope, endurance, and time you deserve together!"


Bonita L. of AZ

"Our prayers and thoughts are with you!! God bless you through this journey may the angels follow you where you may go! Lots of love to you from us! Bo, Dan, Joseph and Jacqueline. Joseph goes to KinderCare! That’s how we came to know your story! My heart goes out to you and your family. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help."


Carrie A. of TX

"My sister works with Deja's grandma, and that's how I heard about Deja. I have a prayer group from my work praying for Deja each week. Thank you for this web site, and for sharing pictures of this precious little girl."


Darran K. of AZ

"You are such a strong and beautiful girl. You are indeed a princess. I will pray for you everyday. If I can help in any possible way, please contact me. You are an inspiration to so many and you have touched so many lives. God is with you and seeing you through every step. If I could have just one wish."


Carrie A. of TX

"Deja honey, I'm so glad you got to go to Disney World and meet Cinderella! My sister Colleen works with your Grandma, and she told me about you. We have a prayer team at my work, and we pray for you and your family every week. You are a very special little girl, you're a princess!"


Felicia H. of NJ



Vicki J. of AZ

"Just wanted to say hi. All of us at Room for Joy are praying for you, and thinking of all of your family. If we can be of any service to you, please let us know."


Diane S. of AZ

"Me and my bible study is praying for you, you are so beautiful, may God strengthen you each day and surround you with his peace"


Janee Z. of AZ

"Carrie and I have been surfing your site for quite sometime tonight. I just wanted to tell you one more time how much I enjoy that i have got to meet you and Deja and the rest of the girls. I love you all coming to the studio. Anytime you need anything let me know and I can see what I can do to help. I will forever keep Deja and your family in my prayers. Now I know this site I will be on here all the time. Since last October I have not stopped thinking about you all. I am soooo happy we got you great pictures today! Thanks! Love always"


Tracey C. of AZ

"Dear Deja, I read about you on the Room for Joy web site. Wow what a sweet, beautiful little girl you are. I have a little girl the same age as you and she also loves Cinderella. I am so glad that you had the chance to go to Disneyworld and meet Cinderella in person. I bet that you and your family had a really good time."


Stephanie F. of NJ

"Hi all! Just wanted you to know that we haven't forgotten about little Deja here in NJ. We are praying for her and for you mom! Hang in there! Remember, God is a God of miracles."


Patricia P. of NV

"I was deeply touched by your story and told Alana that I would email you and send you my move and blessings. God knows best and we don't sometimes understand what happens and why But he knows best. To Mommy my heart is wit you and I wish I could just give you a big hug and tell you to be strong, but I know that no one understands where you are in this unless they have been there. I am praying for you guys. God Bless and he will take care of you."


Tory S. of AZ

"Hi Deja! I have been thinking about you so much! I continue to pray for you and know that God is holding you in the palm of His hand. He loves you so much!"


Tracey C. of AZ

"Our prayers and best wishes are with you and your family."


Raney F.

"I just learned of your story and wanted to tell you how sorry I am. I lived in Queen Creek until the first of the year and was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer on 10/14/06. I also have a 4 year old little boy and a new baby. I'm so sorry that bad stuff happens, especially to little children." Your in our thoughts too Raney!


Krista H. of AZ

"Our prayers are with you and your family."


Melissa G. of IN



Miriam of Netherlands

"I read your story and it really brought me into must really have a tough life. So from out the Netherlands I will pray for you, Deja, to be strong and I will also pray for your family to remain strong. Show the people that you're a tough girl and just believe in yourself and in God, because he can make the most impossible things possible..."


Rachel O. of MN

"Dear sweet little Deja, I am sending this note to let you know that you are in my prayers. You are a little angel. And so very pretty in your pictures with your sisters too. Keep smiling little one and please take care. God Bless You and your family."





Linda B. of AZ

"Hi deja- I am writing to you from colo. and I just want to say what a brave little girl you are and how much Our father in Heaven loves you- I pray you and your family will be comforted thru this difficult time for you."


Carrie A. of TX

"My prayer team at work continues to pray for you and your family, Deja. You are such a brave little girl."


Emmy D. of AZ

"You are such an inspiration to all of us in your bravery and determination. May God continue to hold you in the palm of His hand and keep you close forever."


Kathy G.

"Deja- you are one special & brave little girl for having to endure what you have in only 4 short years. There are not too many mommies in this world today that would do what your mommy is doing for there for you every single minute of the day by sharing her love and time with you!!! You are so blessed to have her - she deserves all those hugs that you give her !! I read about you in the paper today (4/28)and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You all are special in God's eyes You are a beautiful angel and princess and you will always be in my thoughts and prayers."


Robert R. of AZ

"Deja we love you. I will pray for you everyday. You are truly an angel of our Lord. Jesus said suffer the little children for such as these are in the kingdom of God. I believe in miracles in our Lord Jesus Christ even so your family is truly Blessed with your presence. God Bless you all."


Rev. Lori W

"I will be praying for all of you."


Irene L. of AZ

"Hi sweet Deja: You are so very blessed to have many terrific loved ones surrounding you. Your little sisters are as beautiful as you are, and it is plain to see that you are truly loved by them. I am deeply touched not only by you and your spirit, but mostly by your one-of-a-kind mom and all that she is doing for you! Her spirit and outlook are most inspiring. I admire her so much. Hope you get back to Sea World, Disneyland, and even Indiana very soon--and take lots of pictures when you do! Wishing you all the best!"


Beverly V. of AZ

"!!Hi Deja, Mom, & Olivia, I read your story in the Az Republic, & saw your beautiful pictures on your site! I am praying for you! May God bless you & be strong sweetie!"


Vickie S. of AZ

"I have never seen such a beautiful Little Girl. Deja I want you to know that you are Loved by All. And you will always be in my heart. Keep Smiling :-)


Jill S. of AZ

"Hi Deja- I am a Gramma and my Granddaughter's name is Teri. She is 22 years old. I hope that you are having fun today. You are a very pretty young lady. It is nice that you have two sisters. I have one sister and four brothers. Have a wonderful weekend. Make sue that you see the stars in the sky if you can. They are so beautiful. Give Mommy a hug for me, okay ? Charlie, my dog, says "hello" too. "


Robert S. of AZ

"Being the Daddy of a five year old girl your story really hit home. I will pray relentlessly for your situation and for all of you as a family. She is a precious little girl and I wish the very best for all of you. Don't waste a minute!!"


Barbara of AZ

"May your journey through life, though short, be blessed with abiding love of all those around you."


Vanessa R. of AZ



Unknown of DE

"Dearest precious Deja. What a blessing you are to so many. You have brought immeasurable joy to your family. May God surround you with his angels. You will be remember always in our prayers."


Jennifer C. of AZ

"Please know that your family will always be in my prayers. I do believe GOD only gives us what we can handle."


Pat of AZ.

"Deja, you are a wonderful and beautiful little girl. My family and I will be praying for you and your family. And always remember, God is a God of miracles!"


Courtni D. of AZ

"Sorry I missed the party. I read about Deja's condition tonight. Much love"


Sandra N. of AZ

"Deja and Family! This note is just a note sending you my most deepest heartfelt prayers and thoughts to you each and every day! You keep up your hopes and dreams and live each day to its fullest as none of us ever know how long we have! My thoughts are with you and hopes for a cure and miracle are with you!"


Bret M. of AZ

"What an amazing girl you are, and what an awesome mom you have! I read the story about you in the newspaper and had to check your website to learn more about you. Your story is a great reminder that the most important thing isn't how long we live, but how we live. Take care; your mom is right that you are a very special girl."


Teri of AZ.

"Deja, I had the utmost pleasure of meeting you today, during your party. You are a beautiful, precious young lady. I want you to know that you, as well as your family are in our hearts & prayers. As I watched you, during your party, enjoying all the other children, and food, that you were so loved by everyone. We will continue keeping you, as your family, in our prayers. "


Dave & Jenny A. of AZ

"How special you are to have made such a impact to so many people in this Valley of the Sun. We saw some pictures of you out washing cars and playing in the water. You had a great group of car washers and they did a great job. And the big haboob came. Wow what a day to remember just like youl YOU ARE SPECIAL!"


Stacy H. of AZ

"I was so touched by your story! You are so lucky to have three such wonderful girls. And Deja is so lucky to have you celebrating her life. I have a niece Deja's age. You are in my thoughts and prayers."


Cindy D. of CA

"It touched me so deeply, as I am a mother too. I just want you to know that my prayers go out to you and your family. You are a princess!"


Debbie K. of AZ

"I liked your website and especially all of your pictures! What cuties you and your sisters are :) I heard about you from my sister Meredith and have been saying prayers for you and your family for a while. Ya know, I wondered why you got sick and even thought that it was really unfair. But then after Meredith told me about your website and I looked through it all, I felt really different. Especially when I saw your pictures. At first glance you look just like a regular cute little girl, but if you take a second look you can see that you're really an Angel in training. Yep, I could tell especially in your princess dress. That one is a dead give away that you are for sure an Angel(in training). I bet your're gonna be really good at being one and will be a big help to your momma, sisters and grandparents once you get to heaven. I do hope that while you are still in training down here on earth that you enjoy every minute of it. Angel training can be hard but then It gets really easy and fun . . . so I've heard. Anyway Angel girl :) thank you for sharing about your life. I think its very important. Oh yeah, and tell your mom she's doing a great job helping you with your training and let her know that she and your family will be ok. Ya know I also heard that Angel training can be pretty tough for moms and families to. But again, I think you might already know that it's gonna be ok because they are gonna have the best Angel in heaven looking out for them."


Melissa B. of AZ

"hello i read your story in the news paper and in this web site. i am so sorry to hear about your daughter. my prayers are with you and your family. your daughter is a very beautiful girl. i wish there was something to take it away for ever"


Eric H. of AZ

"Hello Deja: I read about your story in the Arizona Republic this past week and have not been able to forget about you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yor family. God Bless, Love & Prayers"


Sue R. of AZ

"I just wanted to say that I saw your story in the AZ Republic yesterday and then I went on the website you have for Deja. What a story that breaks the heart! Deja is a beautiful little princess and what you as a family must be going through! I wish there was something that I could do for you but I just want you to know that I truly care for you even though I don't know you! I cannot imagine what you are going through! She is so beautiful and you are so strong and her sisters are so beautiful! May God be with you all in this very difficult time!"


Lara M. of AZ

"Dear Deja, I am so deeply touched by you and your family's story. You are truly a special, beautiful and loved child. We pray for you and may you enjoy every wonderful day with your mommy, family and friends. God bless you."


Jeff & Cami K. of AZ

"What a beautiful girl. We have faced the exact same challenge with our daughter Jaydie. She was diagnosed with the same tumor. We would love to share our love with you. Please visit to see our story. Jaydie's foundation has an annual party to raise money for fighting tumors. Please consider being our guests. We will send an invitation to you, and hope to see you." ***Pass the prayers.. we know all about your story and your family is in our thoughts. Your foundation helped get our Christmas gifts to us on a very special Christmas. Thank you. We will fight this together!!!


Jeff K. of AZ

"Stay strong Deja! We love you. We are so proud that you are so courageous. You are in our hearts everyday."


Anita D. of AZ

"I would like to thank your Mom for sharing you and your story with all of us. I would like you and your Mom to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Both of you have been through so much. But as you said Angela, Deja is teaching you and the rest of us how to live each day to the fullest. God gave you this angel and she is helping you to prepare yourself for the future. God Bless you both today and everyday."


Angela S. of AZ

"Hello Angela. I first heard about Deja yesterday (5/1/07) while reading the AZ Republic. I don't normally read the articles but I just felt that I had to read it this time. I don't really know where to begin, but I have to tell you that I could not go another moment without contacting you. Deja is weighing on my heart so powerfully - it's like nothing I've experienced before. I have a message for you. Deja has a purpose beyond what you realize now. Thousands have their eyes on her...but the true story hasn't even happened yet. Deja has many more years ahead of her & I believe she knows it, which is why she is so strong. With Love"


Sylvia K. of AZ

"Hello Deja, I am a member of Tri-City Plus Association of Insurance Professionals, Inc., and we have been watching your story and sending our prayers and financial support to you and your family. You are such an amazing child and I have no doubt that God has placed you in a great circle of family and friends and that you are a blessing to all who know you and your story. God's blessings and peace to you and your family." More Amazing People who have helped our family so much! Thank you!


Jennifer C. of AZ

"Dearest Deja, you are SO pretty and your family is lovely. Know that you are in my prayers and I will be thinking of you every day. "


Trisha P. of AZ

"Hi I have read Deja's story and I would love to do anything I can to help. Please let me know what your family needs. Anything please let me know. I am a single Mom of a five and eight year old and live close by in Gilbert. I have a home daycare and lots of friends and family here in Gilbert that want to help out so please let me know what we can do. "


Luz Maria M. of AZ



Nikki C. of AZ

"It's hard to believe that such a little girl can bear the weight of this affliction. But God knows what you can bear and is with you to help carry you through. I know you and your mommy will help each other with your love and strength. God keep you in his loving arms always! Love and prayers, "


Nichole Y. of AZ

"Thank you again, for letting us meet you and the girls. It is an honor."


Jennifer H. of VA

"Deja, Your "Antie April" told some of us military spouses about you and how brave and strong you are. I will be praying for you and your family - You are an amazing little girl - With Love from Virginia"


Michele W. of AZ

"Deja, you are a very brave girl! I'm sure your mommy is so very proud of you. Keep up the positive spirit that it's so obvious you have. ] My thoughts & prayers are with you sweetie!!"


Linda M. of NM

"Hi Deja! I just saw your beautiful pictures and want you to know that Albuquerque, New Mexico loves you and is praying for you!! God Bless You and your family, Touching you with my thoughts and prayers"


Denise R. of NJ

"I have heard so much about you. You are such a strong little girl. Remember, God loves you and so do many people throughout the whole world! We are praying for you in NJ. Have you ever been to NJ? I'll send you a postcard so that you can see it! Mom, we are praying for you too! Stay strong and never give up praying. God hears your prayers!"


Tracey C. of AZ

"Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, The Charles Family"


Tom & Barb R. of IN

"Hi Hon, I'm your Grampas' sister. Tom and I have never met you, yet we feel like we have known you.I talk to your Grandma all the time and she keeps us filled in. You and all your family are in our prayers every day. You are held in the heart of our Lord and in ours too. Our love to you Angel."



"hi deja.i hope this e-mail finds you ok.and i hope your moms ok? god bless you."


Jennifer P. of AZ

"Deja, you and your family are in my thoughts every single day. I am so glad your mommy gave me your website when she came to the heart doctor. God is with you. Keep that smile on your face!"


Bonita L. of AZ

"You have touched my heart and soul. You are such a strong girl to go through this and keep such a beautiful smile. My thoughts and prayers are with you always. God bless you!!! Thank you for touching my heart."


Sandra B. of AZ

"Hello Little Angel. I was just thinking of your sweet smile from some of the pictures you have taken. I will continue to pray for you and your family. You Know Deja you are one of Gods Little Angles. You will forever be loved. You have a special place in my heart. Have many more good days baby. I smile today thinking of you. I will check on you again soon Sweet Baby Angel"


Debbie C. of AZ

"I have been following your progress through your journal on your website and I want you to know what a brave, wonderful, little girl you are. You have a wonderful brave mommy, also. You are always in my heart and prayers. May GOD be with you and your family always."


Kathy G. of AZ

"My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during these difficult days....I can't even imagine what you are going thru right now.....Deja is a beautiful & very brave little girl and soon she will be with her heavenly Father and will no longer suffer.....Amen. Again - I am so sorry that Deja is not doing well - I wish there was more for me to say....thank you for sharing deja and you family with us...she will never be forgotten!"


Tracey C. of AZ

"My heart goes out to you and your family. I can not imagine what you are going through. I also have small children. Following Deja's story the last few months has been so moving and it is very clear that you are a great Mom who will do anything for your children. My thoughts and prayers goes out to you and your family."


Tabitha H. of AZ

"You are an amazing little angel! You have brought so much joy to so many people. Please don't be sad or scared. The other angels are watching over you! To Deja's family: No words can describe how sad I feel for all of you. Deja is such a beautiful little girl and I can tell has already brought so much love to all of you. I know you are thankful for every minute you have with her. You are all in my thoughts and prayers!"


Sage and Liz O. of AZ

"You are all in our hearts, thoughts and prayers daily. God Bless you with the strength to handle the unknown and the courage to continue this journey God has put before you. Deja is so special and has touched so many lives in her four short years. But just look at how many people she's touched, how many people join in prayer for her and how amazing and resilient she is. Angela this is for you too. I couldn’t imagine going through what you do. You are amazing and I hope you know that God is great and everything happens for a reason. You may not see it now, but someday you will. GOD BLESS all four of you." I think about you guys every day. You are amazing people! --


Heather P. of AZ

"Princess Deja, Your beauty and strengths are limitless. You have touched my heart well as the whole worlds. You are in my thoughts. GOD BLESS YOU"


Sue R. of AZ

"I have been following Deja's story ever since it ran in the AZ Republic! I just want to say what a brave family you are! I cannot imagine what you are going through! I am a volunteer of Hospice of the Valley and wish I could somehow help you out! Deja is so beautiful and has put up such a brave fight! May God be with her! And to her family as well! God Bless you all!"


Melissa G. of AZ



Janet S. of AZ

"Hello! Your family is in my prayers. I am a member of Epic Christian Church and had the honor of meeting you and your angel Deja at check in for Sunday School one day. Just wanted to let you know you are always in my prayers. "


Whitney M.

"I initially read your article in the newspaper a couple weeks ago and my heart melted. What a sweetie pie you are! I have been checking out your website for updates and I understand that you are not feeling well these days. I just wanted to let you know that God loves you and your family so much and he has a plan for each of you! I know that is kind of hard to understand and kind of a scary thought but he will take good care of you, your mommy, and your sisters. He also promises that when we go to be with him we will have no pain and no sadness and we will be perfectly healthy with new bodies and all! I know you don't know me and I don't really know you, but I feel like God has been placing you on my heart for a reason. I will be praying for peace and comfort for you and your family and I know that you have left a lasting impact on those you have touched! Hopefully someday we will get to meet! Hang in there and remember that God made you and you are very special to Him and He loves you soooooo much! God Bless!"


Elmerina R. of AZ

"I pray for Deja everyday. Many times a day in fact hoping for a miracle."


Lisa C. of AZ

"Ever since I read a story in the AZ Republic, your family has been in my thoughts and prayers. Please know that even though we have never met, Deja... we know you are a wonderful little princess and you have really made the world a better place in the time you are here! God bless you, your Mommy and your whole family. More people love you than you will ever know!"


Jennifer P. of AZ

"Deja, I am praying for you every single day and so are thousands of other people."


William W. of NJ

"Hi Deja my name is Brother Bill from and we here at Church have known of you for quite some time and we are all hoping one day to see you in person there is a Stephanie fortuna that really has led us to love you and pray for you. We want you to visit our web site at the Church because we feel like you are already a part of our Family. God has chosen you to reveal His Glory and I have seen it and felt His Love for You and know that you are very Special to Him. Please feel better and WoW what a great Girl you are. Love In Jesus Name."


Sue R. of AZ

"I have been following Deja's story through your web site since I read the article in the AZ Republic. All I can say is you are an incredibly strong mother and my heart bleeds for you! She is such a beautiful little girl and I can't imagine what you are going through! I think of you every day even though I do not know you! God Bless You All! Stay strong!"


Angi L. of AZ

"Hello Deja! I first heard your story yesterday where I had the privilege of meeting your Mom. I have an 11 year old son whom I told about you. We both prayed for you and your family last night. I am forwarding your web address to friends & family of mine so they too can pray for you. Remember, in God, all things are possible. I don't know you but I love you and I will continue to pray for you. God Bless you and your family. "


Elmerina R. of AZ

"She is an angel! God Bless you all! "


Charlene D. of AZ

"I just wanted to stop by and say that you have an absolutely beautiful and courageous daughter! I first saw your story in the newspaper, and frequently visit this site to keep updated on her condition. As a mother of 3, I can say that you are brave, and a wonderful mother, and I admire you. This cannot be easy for you. I wish you the best of days with Deja, for as long as they may be, and you are in my thoughts. "


Bonnie S. of AZ

"Hi Deja, Your story has touched my heart"


Tayvon W. of IN

"deja i am very proud to be your cousin. you are in my thoughts every day god bless you " We Love you!


Stephanie F. of NJ

"I MUST say your family is an inspiration to many. Deja, your strength and will to live is amazing and Angie your courage is amazing to me. Angie, Deja and family; you have thousands of people praying for you and your family, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, AT THIS VERY IMPORTANT TIME IN YOUR FAMILY YOU HAVE GOD CLOSER THAN EVER! He loves you and promises to NEVER forsake you. We love you guys here in NJ and at People's Baptist Church!!!"


Elmerina R. of AZ

"Dear Angela, I fell in love with your precious daughter Deja when I first saw the pictures and article in the Az.Republic. She touched my heart in such a way that I can only describe as the way I feel about my only precious and beautiful grandaughter Sarah. I think of Dejah all day and every day,and have asked God on my knees to please give us a miracle. She is so sweet and cute.I wish I could be there to put my arms around her. Oh God, my heart goes out to you and the rest of your family. I know your hearts are breaking in an indescribable way. Please know that mine is too. If my tears along with yours could heal her,then I'm certain we would have a miracle."


Deja D. of FL



Kathy G. of AZ

"My heart goes out to you tonight in hopes that Deja is still hanging in there for you and your family. I understand how hard it must be to just sit there and watch your little beautiful girl just fade away - I'm so sorry. She is very blessed to have you by her side this entire time ....I wish there was more that I can say but know that there are many of us just praying for you all each and every hour.....many prayers & blessings to you!"


Marie K. of DE

"I have read Deja's journal and have to say that I am deeply touched by your strength and faith. My heart reaches out to Deja, as well as my prayers. God blesses these children in ways that we can not see. The Lord has planned a great welcoming for Deja, and your brave spirit will be rewarded. Thru all the bravery that Deja has shown to you, her siblings, her grandparents, she has the Spirit of God beside her holding her dearly in His arms, cradled in His Love. He is with you as well, holding your hand, holding your heart, holding your spirit high. May God Bless Olivia, Jovonne, Nana and Papa for their strength, love and support. Take care - love one another. "


Sue R. of AZ

"Dearest Deja! I have followed your story ever since it was in the AZ Republic! You are such a strong and beautiful little girl! You are trying so hard to fight this horrible disease! Your mommy is so strong too! God bless you all!"


Elmerina R. of AZ

"Angela, thank you so much for your today's update (June 28th).Although I cry like a baby for you Deja, Olivia & the baby, not to mention your parents it still makes me feel better knowing you are doing everything in your power to make her feel loved, safe and secure. My heart is so broken for you. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all go away. You are a brave and wonderful lady. I'd be honored to meet you sometime when I'm down in Phoenix. That picture of you and Deja in the Az. Republic, where it looks like you are tickling her and she is laughing and kind of pushing you away, will remain engraved in my heart forever."


Amy Durrant of AZ



Lila Wendell of IN

"Grandma Kitty loves you Hon.I wish it were possible for me to be there with you. You are with me here in my heart all the time." Love You Grandma!!


Brittany S. of AZ

"I just wanted to say that Deja is a beautiful young girl. I am 17 years old, and even though I do not know her, her story has touched my heart. Hopefully the sharing of her story will help maybe increase research about it or maybe later in the future help people get operations. I hope the best for the family. You have stayed very strong."


Kristina H. of AZ

"I have been keeping myself updated on Deja, My heart goes out to you and your family."


Jill Anne S. of AZ

"I think about your Deja every day. I lost my husband and soulmate of 40 years,last year.I am still missing him terribly but just wanted Deja's Mom to know that I suffer with her when I think about her little girl. I know God has a plan for all of us but children leaving their parents so early, I will never understand. I just needed to send my thoughts to you and let you know that someone that does not know you, suffers with you. Kiss your Deja softly for me, please ?"


Maria V. of AZ

"I check on your dear Deja everyday I keep Deja in my daily prayers A close friend named Marica also had the same tumor but lost her battle April 23 2007 she was 19 her mom just came over tonight and may mind was on your dear Deja . Hope and pray for Dejas recovery. "


Kathy G. of AZ         

"Deja - you're amazing ....I visit your site everyday to see how you are doing and pray that you continue to be strong and brave....god has a special plan for you even thou it is short and we must wait on his and your family are still in my thoughts and prayers my sweet lady."


Jody M. of AZ

"Deja you continue to amaze me. You are such a fighter! You are my hero! I hope you are enjoying your scrapbook. My friends and I really enjoyed making it for you to remember your wonderful trip to Disney World. Every time I see anything with the princesses, I think of you. Stay strong! You are truly an inspiration!"


Heather F. of AZ

"Hi Deja, I've been following your story and hope that you are making lots of great memories with your family."


Gwen L. of AZ

"Dear Deja, You are a brave little girl. I am so proud of you, your family and the great work your Mommy is doing. God bless you little one, Gwen"


Liz W. of AZ  

"I just read your story in the paper and I am wishing you and your mom a very good day!! Would love to donate some things for your boxes. That is such a wonderful thing to do. You are so lucky to have a mommy like that, and she is so lucky to have you.  Bless you Liz"


Nora P. of AZ

"Hi i read your story in the az republic and started crying as for i am so sorry about your little girl i will have u and her in my thoughts and prayers i do hope for u a lot of strength which i will also give u in my prayers may god help u with everything may god bless u and your family"


Michelle L. of AZ

"I ran across your story on and have read the entire journal. What a terrible thing for you all to have to go through. And yet such a wonderful time you've had. My father is currently under the care of Hospice of the Valley w/cancer and I can't imagine having to go through that w/my child. My thoughts and prayers are w/you and yours. P.S. I love the tattoo. It really is beautiful. Sincerely, Michelle"


Jamie L. of AZ

"We are keeping your family in our thoughts and prayers...Hang in there."


Christina H. of AZ

"The lord has already blessed you by being the Mother of this Precious Angel. I seen your story on the news and looked up you website. I have sat here at work and cried somberly. I will pray for you and your baby girl. God bless everyone whom has helped you get thru all of this and giving you the chance to give your daughter Happy Memories"


Joyce M. of MO

"Hello, I am a 7th grade teacher in Missouri. I read the article in the paper today. I am visiting family in Arizona right now. When I get home I will help. I may be able to do a class project when we go back in August. We take care of soldiers and do operation Christmas child too. Hang in there. Mrs. Melby"


Robbie B. of AZ

"God bless you sweet little girl and know that the lord will be waiting for you when you are ready to meet him."


Wendy R. of AZ

"You are both in my prayers. Your strength and willingness to give during this difficult time is inspiring."


Shannon G. of AZ

"Deja you are a beautiful little girl and I'm praying for a miracle from God for you, and sharing your family's heartache. ((hugs))"


Christina R. of AZ

"Angela my heart and prayers go out to you and your family. I could not stop crying as I read the story on azcentral. Deja is a beautiful child and I believe your strength comes from her. She seems to have such a strong will to live and to love. I don't even know you and the love you have for your child has touched me in ways I can't describe. Deja, you and your family are in my thoughts daily. May God bless you."


Wylene W. of AZ

"Deja and mom, I pray for you each night and know the Lord will give you the strength needed for what you must face. You are a beautiful girl and will make an even more beautiful angel. "


Dawn C. of AZ

"I read Deja's story this morning for the first time. I am so saddened by this child's struggles. I do wonder a couple of things - like, where is the child's father in all this? And why surgery was never an option? I wish you God Speed."


Celena H. of AZ

"You are the bravest little girl in the whole world! I'm sending you a great big hug!"


Sheli P. of AZ

"I was on this site today and could not leave without posting a comment to you Deja. I do not know you and you have touched my heart in more ways than you will ever know. I am so thankful to your mother for having the strength to put this site together and for all the help she is giving to other children just like you. You will forever be in our hearts Deja. You were put on this Earth for a reason and you will remain on this earth as an angel to your mother, sisters, nana, papa and friends. You are a strong little girl and you will forever remain on my mind. God Bless you Deja. God Bless you too Angela and may you take the love that you have for your daughter and spread it throughout the world one person at a time. We need more people like you in this world. May God Bless your family for being so strong. "


Susan M. of AZ

"Hello little Deja, You are such an amazing and brave little girl. Your story has touched my heart. You have been put here on earth to make a difference in the lives around you. God surely must have a special place in his Kingdom for you little one. God Bless you, your mom and your family. May you stay strong through this time and know that we are held tightly in prayer and love. "


Lydna T. of AZ

"Dear Deja, You are a beautiful little girl, and so brave. I read your story today & will be praying for you and your family. So many people are praying for you, you have touched many hearts! Tell your mommy she is in my thoughts - she is a very strong lady. May God bless you always. :)"


Leslie C. of AZ

"Deja: I read an article about you today in the Arizona Republic. It talks about your daily struggle to have good days. Please don't give up on having good days. Fight for them. I can only imagine how hard it is for you on a daily basis. I wish I could send you all the good days in the world but since I am not able to, all I can send you is my wish that whatever time you have left, you be happy and be sure to tell your mommy and sisters how much you love them. I'm sure they know that but we mommies love to hear those three precious words from our daughters. And Deja, I love you too!"


Debra B. of AZ

"To Deja and Family, Just read todays article and am sitting here in tears and praying. I just wanted you all to know how VERY much we all care and would give and do anything to change this as would you. May God speed all blessings to you all. I will be sending you a little something Deja, I don't know what just something cute for you, ok? I hope it isn't inappropriate to say "we love you", I just need to say that and will not get you off my mind.............ever! Mommy hang in there and kiss that baby for me! I have 6 beautiful grandbabies and am separated from them all by miles but I will share your story with them and count our blessings more so than ever, rest assured. Please know we are praying and thinking of you all!!"


Sharon A. of AZ

"I read Deja's story this morning in the paper and it touched my heart. My husband of 38 years passed away 13 months ago with a malignant brain tumor. So I have walked a little of your road. My prayers will be with you all as you travel this journey. I don't know if this will reach you in time, but there is a book entitled 90 Minutes in Heaven, which might give Deja a little picture of what she will see. May God give you all peace."


Sue R. of AZ

"Hello Deja! I read the article in the AZ Republic about you today! You are the most amazing little girl there ever was! Your mommy is so amazing too! I wish I could meet with her! You are such a strong little girl! I think your mommy is amazing the way she stays by your side every day! I would do the same for my kids if it were the case! I hope you are not in pain, sweet little Deja! God bless you, sweet little baby!"


Lisa V. of AZ

"My heart goes out to mom. Your in my prayers. I lost my father on Thanksgiving day 2005 to Cancer it was a 5 year journey. the last days are the hardest the one thing i would whisper to my dad was that it was okay to go and that we would miss him everyday. We were with my dad 24 hrs a day. the Hospices nurses asked my mom to leave the room for a moment and when she returned my dad had passed on. Sometimes our family members don't want to leave so they hang on. Mom give Deja lots of hugs and kisses and ensure her that she will always be in your heart. May God Bless you and give you the strength you'll need. Deja your are a beautiful little girl and there are lots of children waiting for you when its your time. Lisa"


Gail of AZ

"I have been so touched by the beautiful tribute and celebration you are and have created for Deja. What an inspiration to all. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Deja you are so beautiful....."


Lauren P. of AZ

"I came across your story in the AZ Republic and was so touched I just had to visit your website. Now I find myself checking every day for updates. Your story has touched my heart and brings both tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. What a brave a little girl you are."


Sime of Croatia

"My name is Sime and I am 17 years old. I have a friend in Scottsdale, AZ that read me the newspaper article about Deja. I was very touched with Deja's story. I just wanted to say that we are praying for Deja and for the entire family that God gives you strength in these hard times. Please tell Deja, that beautiful little angel, that she has a European friend now. In Christ Love, Sime"


Joan A. of AZ

"Deja, you are an amazing little girl. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures in the last year. I am glad that you have been able to enjoy so many activities. Your mommy is an amazing woman too. Don't second guess any decisions you have made. It sounds like you have done everything that you could to make your beautiful daughter's life special. God bless you all!"


Liz D. of AZ

"I saw the article in the paper the other day and my heart goes out to you and your beautiful little Deja! I know how difficult this has been for you, especially now, as you wait for God to welcome Deja into His arms. I lost my 13 yr son Nick to leukemia on 1/24/06. I still miss him so much. My prayers go out to you, Deja and your family. If you ever need to talk to someone who's walked in your shoes, please don't hesitate to contact me. God Bless! "


Tina of AZ

"Hello Angela and family! God bless you all and precious Deja. Stay strong. God's perfect peace and wisdom to you. Here is a verse I found: Psalm 61:1-2: Hear my cry, O God; Attend to my prayer. From the end of the earth I will cry to You, When my heart is overwhelmed; Lead me to the rock that is higher than I. Love Tina and family. "


Lisa R. of AZ

"I will be thinking of you in our prayers. My daughter Brittnee Rogers was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at 3yrs old. Phoenix children hosital is still like a 2nd family to us 12 years later. brittnee was a success story and is doing well. I am so glad you are making memories it is so important. Deja looks very much like my daughter at the same age and it really breaks my heart to know your pain. I wish you all the best and we will try to send some things for her to keep busy with. Stay strong and take care"


Evelyn H. of AZ

"Hey there my name is Evelyn and my dad showed me the article on the newspaper on deja and my mom saw it to and she would like to go and pray for deja we are hoping that god will do a miracle just like he did on my mom so if u can call me or email me with the address that will be great so that we can go pray for her. So take care and dont lose the faith in god he is the only one that can do a miracle, God Bless You and i hope to hear from you soon."


Mya M. of AZ

"Dear Angela, I just want you to know that both you and Deja have touched my heart as such a beautiful example of a mother and daughter relationship. I am part of the same church family as you - Epic, and I was so blessed when God brought you into my life. There is not a day that goes by that I don't get on my knees and pray for you, Deja and your family. I am so thankful for that opportunity and my life will forever be impacted by knowing you. I look forward to becoming even closer friends. Love, Mya "


Maggie C. of AZ

"Hey beautiful- Thank you for sharing your life, your family, your laughter and a boat ride with me. You know, I used to be afraid of the lake and jumping off the boat, but a very brave little girl taught me not to fear. She taught me to enjoy life, love like I'm not afraid, dance like no one is around and sing like nobody is listening. Over the past few months, I realized that I still fear. I have gotten over the fear of the lake, thank you for sharing that with me, but I find myself afraid to take chances. I pray I fulfill the life long purpose of meeting your wonderful family. I found an awesome and strong woman in your Mommy. I can learn from her Deja, Thank you for bringing us together. Rest sweetheart and do not fear for the kingdom of heaven is yours. Dance sweetie and be free. I love you, Maggie :)"


Norma C. of AZ

"Hi Princess Deja, I want to tell you That I pray for you and the family. And THANK YOU for being so strong. GOD BLESS YOU"


Liz D. of AZ

"My heart goes out to you. Only a mother who's gone through the same thing can truly understand what you're going through right now -- and I do. I pray that God takes Deja as peacefully as He took my son. I'm so sorry for you and your family. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time, Liz"


Katie M. of AZ

"I really wish I had some magic dust to sprinkle and take all of the pain away. Deja is a beautiful girl inside and out, and what a blessing to have her with you. You are a remarkable family and have offered the gift of selflessness to share your daughter/family with the world. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. You are truly an inspiration to my family. "


Kathy G. of AZ

"I can't imagine how you feel right now - my heart aches for you and your thoughts and prayers are with you at this time....I know that Deja is in no pain and waiting for God's loving hand - god bless you!!"


Victoria C. of AZ

"Hi Deja, I read your story in the paper sometime back and recently saw an update along with your website. I want you to know that you are a very special little angel. Your story is bringing families closer, teaching us, reminding us to appreciate every day we have with one another. Thank you Deja, sweet princess. You are strong and oh so brave. All the angels and our sweet Jesus, and all of heaven will celebrate your arrival. My little brother is there also. He was a firefighter, he loves children...he will be there too Deja. Can you tell him I love him? He’s very nice Deja and will have so many fun games to play. Deja sweet princess, you will always have a special place in my heart. And again thank you for sharing with my family the love of Jesus!!"


Ann Marie C. of AZ

"I happened on your story thru L. Roberts article in azcentral. My heart goes out to you and yours and you walk, cry, pray and pray and pray thru this journey with your precious angel, Deja. I pray for you daily. God bless you all. "


Linda J. of AZ

"Deja, What a true honor it was to meet you and your mom this past Sat. (your fingernails were absolutely gorgeous!!) You and your family remain in my heart and prayers as you prepare for God's journey. God's blessing" Nice to meet you too! Thank you!


Jennifer S. of AZ

"ever since i heard your story you have been on my mind...God is with you through all this and he loves all of you so much..i feel terrible but it's not in our hands....and i know it hurts you as parents to see your child so young go through this...i don't know deja but i love her and she will soon be with her creator and father....he loves her more then we all do....God bless you all"


Megan M. of AZ

"Dear Deja and Family, I would just like to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I just read all of the journal entries from the past few weeks...I had not had the chance to look in awhile. Please know that Deja will always hold a special place in my heart as my first Wish child. It was a blessing to know and work with your entire family. All my best, Megan Mazur (from your Make a Wish team)"


Lisa C. of AZ

"I just read your last entry and my thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. I know that Deja is in the Lords hands now, but your heart will hold her forever. May you find comfort knowing that soon she will be free from pain and will once again be able to run and play...she will be your special angel at your side. May the love your have for Deja help your family at this time. All my love and prayers!


Melissa G. of IN

"Hello DEJA, this is your moms friend Melissa in Fort Wayne and I was just thinking of you and your family ! I wanted to let you know that I love you and have you in my thoughts and prayers today and everyday. I am pleased to hear that you are still hanging in there and with us ;) I know that you are in great hands and that everyone around you LOVES YOU. My thoughts and prayers are with you ALL"


Traci A. of AZ

"Hi Deja, Angela and Family: I wanted to let you know you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Deja you are an amazing little girl and will live in the hearts of many forever. Traci (your Mommy's OB nurse) " Thinking of you too!


Amy B. of AZ

"Deja God loves you every minute. I am praying for you little angel girl. I pray peace for you and your family."


Corinna B. of AZ

"Hi Deja! I am in Margaret's bible study group and met you at your Deja Day party. Margaret talks about you all the time and what an amazing little girl you are. I love you and you are in my thoughts and prayers daily and will always be in my heart and the hearts of countless others. Bless you, sweet baby :)"


Mandi V. of AZ

"Angela and girls (grandma and grandpa too) Every day I am amazed at your story. My heart aches for you, but at the same time I have the most amazing joy knowing that Deja will soon be in heaven with no more pain. I keep having this picture in my mind of her dancing in a white dress with Jesus holding her hands. Seeing them dancing together with Deja healthy again is so peaceful. You are all in my prayers every single day many times a day. Please know that we (your church family) are here for you. We love you and want to be by you every step of the way."


Liz F. of AZ

"Deja, I only met you once, at the car wash on Deja Day. I have heard a lot about you and your special mom. I was also the teacher for your sister Olivia at Sunday School two days ago at church. My prayer for you today, Deja, is that you would see Jesus clearly today. That God would surround you with his deep love and keep you safe from pain. I pray for your mom that she would know God's peace in a special way today, and that she would have a vision of you held safely in God's arms."


Holly B. of AZ

"Dear Angela, Deja and family,
My family(3 boys and hubby, David) and I have been truly blessed to have gotten to know you all through Margaret and Epic Christian Church. Deja's story has helped me to see my own children through God's eyes and to appreciate them as gifts from God. I also see God living in you, Angela, as you go through this incredibly difficult time of suffering with your daughter. I hope these verses will bring you comfort...2Corinthians 12:8&9'Three times I begged the Lord to take it away.'(a thorn in Paul's flesh) 'Each time he said, "My gracious favor is all you need. My power works best in your weakness." So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may work through me.'
The fact that God's power is displayed in our weakness, should give us courage and hope. As we recognize our limitations, we will depend on God more for our effectiveness rather than on our own energy and effort. Our limitations not only help develop our Christian character, but also deepen our worship, because in admitting them, we affirm God's strength. I know that you could not be doing all that you do each day with your precious child without the help and grace of God. He sees every tear that you wipe away, every hair strand that you lovingly brush from her face, every labored breath that you hover and listen over. All these things you do in love are for the glory of God and He sees all. You and Deja will receive your just rewards some day. Take heart and know that there are many in prayer for you and yours. Love In Christ, Holly"


Nicole C. of AZ



Carrie K. of SC

"To Deja's mommy : you are an angel for bringing so much joy to your daughter and so much comfort throughout this hard time. You are so strong and so is your little girl. I check this site often and pray for you and your family. You have an amazing little girl. I know you are proud of her."


Rachel B. of LA

"Isa 49:25- and your children I will save, says GOD Almighty. Mark 16:19- the Lord working with them and confirming the WORD through the accompanying signs and wonders."


Lisa V. of AZ

"Deja's mommy God Bless you. your in my prayers. Sweet Deja when your ready all of the angels are waiting for you to ply with them."


Alma C. of AZ

"Deja -- what a wonderful, beautiful little girl you are. My friend Angela sent me your website link and I read all about you and your family. I must say -- although I don't know you personally -- I am so glad that I had a chance to know of you and your story. You are truly an angel and I know that you have so many wonderful things to look forward to when you are in heaven with Jesus. Your mommy and your sisters are so blessed that they will have such a beautiful little angel to watch over them for their entire lives. Tell your mommy and your sisters to kiss you on the inside of your right hand -- and you kiss them on their inside of their right hand -- that way if you ever miss them or if they ever miss you -- all they have to do is kiss their hand -- and you just have to kiss your hand -- and then you guys can always have each others kisses with you. They can even hold the kiss to their heart -- and you will be together. God bless you and your beautiful family -- wishing you the very sweetest of dreams and journeys!"


Nicole B. of AZ

"I just wanted you to know that after I met your mommy at MOPS, and Margaret B told me about you, I have been praying for you. I know that you hurt right now, but I am so excited that you get to meet Jesus soon! He will take away all of your ouchies. Jesus will give you a great big hug, and He will care for your brave mommy and sisters until they get to see you again.
Angela- I am so amazed by your strength through all of this, and I know that somehow God can provide you with the comfort and energy you need to get through. I'm praying for you, and I hope to see you at Epic or MOPS soon."


Susan D. of AZ

"Even though I don't personally know you and your family, I've been touched by you Deja. You are a strong little girl. I keep thinking about you and that you are in my thoughts and prayers."


Tracey C. of AZ



Laura of MO

"I just know that the sweetest angel in Heaven is now at peace and free from all her worldly ills and she's smiling down on the loved ones & friends who made her brief time on earth a special time full of love. Golden wings, little Deja, you will hold a special place in the hearts of many."


April of AZ

"Everytime I look at the moon I will see your beautiful face. "


Colleen A. of AZ

"My deepest sympathies in your family's time of loss. Deja was a beautiful and brave child who will remain with each of you forever. She definitely taught me about strength, courage, and spirit. You're all in my thoughts during this difficult time. "


Carrie A. of TX

"Angela, My prayers are with you and your family. I was so saddened to hear that Deja's journey has come to an end, but I pray she is now in heaven and not feeling any pain. Please know you and your family are being held in prayer. Love, Carrie"


Vicki J. of AZ

"God bless you and your family. "


Lisa V. of AZ

"Dear Angela, May God bless you and your family during this time. I just want to tell you that your an amazing mother and your children are lucky to have you. My prayers are with all of you. you are a true inspirations to alot of people you paly with the angels now and look over your mommy. Rest in peace little angel!!"


Kristina H. of AZ

"Hi, you don't know me, we are in your neighborhood I just wanted you to know that You guys are in our prayers, and if you ever need anything at all just let me know. I know this is a hard time for you and I would love to help out in any way I can. "


Christina R. of AZ

"Someone I know wanted me to pass this poem along to you. My prayers are with your family.

To All Parents?.by Edgar A. Guest

?I’ll lend you for a little time a child of mine?, he said
?For you to love the while he lives, and mourn for when he’s dead.
It may be for six or seven years, or twenty two or three;
But will you, till I call him back, take care of him for Me?
He’ll bring his charms to gladden you; and should his stay be brief,
You’ll have his lovely memories as solace for your grief.

I cannot promise he will stay, since all from earth return;
But there are lessons taught down there I want this child to learn.
I’ve looked the wide world over, in my search for teachers true
And from the throngs that crowd life’s lanes, I have selected you.

Now you will give him all your love nor think the labor vain,
Nor hate Me when I come to call, to take him back again?
I fancied that I heard them say ? Dear Lord, Thy will be done.
For all the joy Thy child will bring the risk of grief we’ll run?.

We’ll shelter him with tenderness, we’ll love him while we may
And for the happiness we have known forever grateful stay;
But shall the angels call him much sooner than we’ve planned,
We?ll brave the bitter grief that comes and try to understand.? "


Melissa G. of AZ

"Ang & Family,
I just want to send you all my deepest sympathy and to let you know that DEJA may be out of sight, but SHE will NEVER be out of thought or mind!!! GOD is forever loving her and SHE is precious in the LORD'S eyes and cherished in HIS heart, I know SHE will in yours also.. She is at peace and in no pain, MAY SHE REST IN THE NAME OF THE LORD, AMEN I love you all and just remember SHE was not scared or afraid of going to HIS wonderful home. SHE knows SHE was loved and SHE will be so VERY VERY missed.. Ang keep your head up high, stay strong for your other 2 sweet baby girls and just know that some day we will find the reason WHY !!! Call me when you can, You know Im here for YOU ANYTIME, I'll be waiting ; ) B/F/F love you all and my prayers are always with you Melissa "


Deanna H. of CA

"Your bravery and faith and love for you children have moved and touched my heart! My prayers are with you and your family at this time!"


Karen L. of AZ

"Dear Cleveland Family,
My thoughts and prays are with you at this difficult time. Thank you for the chance to get to know Deja and your whole family. I am so sadden, but I picture Deja up in heaven dancing in a beautiful princess dress on with a smile on her face! God bless"


Leah K. of AZ

"I am so sorry about your loss. I read this and I balled like a baby. I can only imagine what you are going through. My prayers are with you"


Jenn N. of AZ

I just wanted to say that I am sorry for your loss, and cannot even imagine what this whole process has been like for you. I have had the privilege to get to know you and Deja through Deja's Aunt Patti, and my heart breaks for all of your family. Like you, I believe that Deja is now in Heaven and she will live there forever....Happy and young and joyful that God gave her such an amazing family. I hope that knowing that brings peace to your heart and an understanding that only Faith in God can bring. God Bless you and your entire family!"


Stephanie C. of AZ

"Deja I will never forget you! I will always remember you singing the Maytag song. I will always remember your sweet little voice. Your such a strong little angel. "


Stephanie F. of NJ

"Angela! There are no words that I can say to bring your little girl back but I wanted to write you a little something that will hopefully encourage you as you have been such an awesome encouragement to me......A poem for mom about Deja!!!!!

"Just Across the Jordan"

Just across the Jordan River is where Princess Deja now resides.
She received her crown from Jesus himself who is now physically right by her side.
If you can imagine in your mind Jesus and Deja walking hand and hand,
He's showing her the streets of Gold and the angel choir band!
Deja has her own mansion you know and I'm sure her very own carousel,
All of her favorites, it would take all day to tell!!!!
IT's amazing up there, it's always full of light.
So don't worry about her being scared or ever having a fright.
She's in the hands of her maker and He has great plans
For such a strong and brave girl who has many many fans.
You see, Deja is whole again without any pain
She's happy and healthy and playing once again.
Angela and family just hang on for a little bit more,
Because one day you will come to that golden, crystal shore.
The shore of the Jordan where Princess Deja was crowned.
A princess in Heaven and I'm sure she's looking down.
You will meet again and what a day that will be,
When you see your little girl and realize that you have her for eternity!

We love you dearly and pray for you daily!

We read your beautiful poem during her services! It is so beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Jody M. of AZ

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family...
When you are ready, I'd like to talk to you about adding memory albums to your foundation or I'd like to do albums in conjunction with your foundation. Memories are so VERY important. I think that is the one thing you and your family have reinforced in my life. I want to use my talents to help you preserve those memories for others.
I'm so thankful for Deja. She has taught me so much about following my heart and doing the things that make us happy. I'm not waiting for "some day" anymore. I am so honored to have met you and you family. I hope the happy memories and the love you've all shared bring you comfort. God bless you all!"


Christina H. of AZ

"My deepest heart felt prayers go out to you and your family. I am very sorry for your loss. Though your angel has left your side, she will always be in your heart as well as the hearts of the people she has touched. She is a special Angel whom has returned back home to be with our lord heavenly father. God Bless."


Allie A. of AZ

"Little Princess Deja...The Lord placed you on this earth to be an example to the rest of us. You are so brave and strong. My daughter suffers from a rare disease and I know how scary that can be. I met you when you were still new to this world. Your mommie and Daddy were so proud to share your birth with all of us at Southwest Gas. Grandma Mattie was so joyful and Happy to have a BEAUTIFUL grandbaby that was you..! You are so loved by all and we will always remember and keep your memories alive. GOD BLESS THE FAMILES."


Katie C. of AZ

"Dear Angela and family. I just heard the news. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May the Lord bless you and comfort you during this time. We Loved our visits with Deja and you. We will continue to do whatever we can to support you at this time. Thank you for sharing your Angel, with us.
All our love and prayers."


Ester O. of TZ

"I'm so sorry to hear the latest update. Everyone who knew Deja will be in my thoughts and prayers."


Jacquie D. of AZ

"My heartaches for the precious lamb who helped Nana deliver Xmas presents at work last year. Deja ran to me in my office and straight in to my arms. What a wonderful moment, what a precious child. I pray for strength for her family. May they find peace and comfort in her memory. I have prayed to my husband to be there in heaven to hold her hand and guide her on her journey. She is safe in the arms of the Lord and she has left this life knowing she was and is loved."


Sue R. of AZ

"I am so sorry for the loss of sweet little Deja! I have followed her story for all these months and she was truly an amazing little girl! How beautiful she was too! You were such a good mommy to her and she was so lucky to have you! You have my deepest sympathy and my heart goes out to you, your family, and her beautiful little sisters! God bless you all!"


Yvonne T-V. of AZ

"Just know that we were given these 2 Angels to watch over and the time has come when they are called back to heaven. Thank you Angela for being so strong and optimistic. I enjoy your relentless strength and you inspires me to accept their passing, through your words on the journal.
Accept my heartfelt condolence.


Christina L. of AZ

"My family and I have been praying for you strongly the past couple of days. We all know that Deja is with our Heavenly Father and I know having a wonderful time. I have been praying for peace for you and your family. Deja will always be in our hearts and we rest in knowing she is with Jesus. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to call.
In Christ


Jennifer C. of AZ

"Just wanted to express my deepest sympathy for you and your family, from what I have learned from this website is life is too precious to count the hours or days, My the LORD be with you in this time of sorrow."


Tamara T. of AZ

"I don't know you & can only tell you what i've read on your page, however i can say that you truly blessed the earth with your 4yrs,you spent on this earth. And although it's hard to see now God uses tragedies to open our eyes and the eyes of others his amazing power. It is unfortunate that such a beautiful little girl's life had to be cut so short, but it is amazing to see how many hearts she touched in her lifetime. People will remember her for eternity and remember the unsurpassing strength and faith you had during this tragedy and realize that with God all things are possible. I don't know you and can't say I know what your going through but I can say thank you for allowing so many people to get to know your beautiful little girl. I too am a single mom and honestly if you ever need anything a shoulder, a prayer, a break, a meal, a ride, or just a friend I am up for that anytime any day. May God continue to bless your family in abundance and keep you safe and sane during these agonizing times. Tamara "


Tara L. of AZ

"Dear Angela, I saw your story a couple of months and I know you have had lots of support but I just want to tell you how amazing I think you are, I am 27 and have 3 girls and one one the way, and my 6 &7 yr old are 11 mo apart and I dont know what those 2 would do w/out each other, Last month my 3 yr old had a lump under her chin and I was told it was a cyst then a tumor then cancer then tb, well I guess the dr didnt really know so she was to have surgery right away the next week, 2 days before surgery it went away and the dr said it was probably a simple virus running its course, that was the worst week of my life, I felt like I could not breath, I thought of you alot that week and how you were doing it. Deja reminds me alot of myself I had leukemia when i was 2 till I was about 7 and at the time only 14% of people lived because all the drugs were still experimental, my mom said I would not give up, and deja fought till the end, but she taught me a lesson I should have already known, but that lesson was that the days go by soo fast and as a single mom I would sometimes get frustrated over STUPID things, things that dont matter, messy house, bills, life period, but believe me you and deja made alot of us single mothers dealing with every life take a step back and look at whats important, you delt with all that and every mothers worst nightmare, Deja was so lucky to have a mother like you and I am so sorry this happened to your family and just know that it wasn’t for no reason, she taught us all who read your story and read along a precious lesson. I hope you know too, that its ok to break down, you were deja rock but now you gotta be your own. We all love deja and I didnt even know her....God bless your and your family and I dont know if olivia understands everything, but being so close in age I bet they had a special bond and God knows it will never go away deja will stay alive in her heart always, I am sorry I am rambleing on, I don’t know how to put all my thoughts into words, so god bless all of you....Tara"


Judy A. of AZ

"Dear Angela, mommy of Deja. I am so sorry about Deja's passing. I will always honor the way you celebrated Princess Deja. You have made a difference in how a short life can be lived fully and remembered. I donated some toys for Deja's crown and for memories and hope to contribute again so she is remembered again and again. "


Betty M. of AZ

"Angela - There hasn't been a day you and Deja weren't included in my prayers. The strength and dignity you've had during these months is amazing. You are a very remarkable woman. You will always have my love and respect and I know that I will be able to face any challenge that I am faced with. God bless you, Deja and your family. Betty "


Shawn L. of AZ

"I am very sorry to here about the passing of your daughter. She is not suffering anymore, and is at please with God! HUGS"


Rebecca P. of AZ

"we are so sorry for your loss I came across your story about 1 month ago at work when someone had brought in the az republic and when I got home (hope this does not upset you) I put your link up on a website my baby is on to try and help with your boxes you were putting together at the time. my god bless you and your family sending tons of hugs your way. many blessings and prayers from all of us on!! "


Kara F. of AZ



Kathy G. of AZ

"I am so sorry when I learned last Thursday while visiting this website that Deja had passed away --- even though I never met her...she held a special place in my heart...../I just wanted you to know that I was really touched by your story and for the love you had for Deja during her last are such a special mom...god given and I know that god will never forget how you gave so unconditionally all that you had to your beautiful are amazing Angela....I wish you the best and hope that you keep us posted on your progress and foundation - "


Marlene G. of AZ

"Angela--Deja's testimony and yours is incredible. I am sorry for your loss and can only imagine the heartache without your little princess. You are in our prayers. How is Deja's Crown progressing? Do you need any help putting the boxes together or do you just primarily need supplies to get it off and running. Please let me know and I will try to help you any way I can as well as recruit women of my church (Broadway Christian) to help if we can. Hugs and Prayers as you journey forward."



"A co-worker told me about your family and I've been praying for all of you. I just received word of Deja saying goodbye to her family and was given the website. I must tell you how hard it was for me to see your little angel in those beautiful photos and to read about her demise. I too had two granddaughters who passed away three years ago from a horrible disease called Battens Disease. They too had the same Doctors, Dr. Hadden and the others as well. It brought it all back for me. I am very sad for you and wish you only the best. Keep those memories alive for your children but never dwell. Remember this, God gave you other children/angels and they're counting on you and watching everything you do and listening to your every word. That is how they learn how to survive this. "


Jennifer J. of AZ

"Hi, I just wanted to tell you how much your story has touched me. My name is Jennifer and I have four beautiful healthy children, thank God. You are so strong and inspirational, I just wanted you to know that I have followed Deja's story for a while now and I am bawling sitting in front of my computer right now, I just thought I would check the website to see how she was doing, it has been a quick summer and I have been so busy getting the kids ready to start school I don't get much time on the computer so I thought I would check your site. I just want you to know how much I am thinking of you and I hope you are doing well. Deja is truly in a wonderful place now and I hope you have so much peace in your heart knowing how much you meant to her. It is truly the measure of why God put you here on this earth. I will hold my babies a little closer after reading this and I wish you a life full of happiness and love. You truly are an inspiration to all moms and all people on this earth. What a beautiful little miracle you created. You and your family will be in our prayers."

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